We are all concerned

We all have habits that lead us to acquire bad posture. More than 90% of our daily tasks subject us to curved positions such as: Poor sitting at the desk, neck stretched out towards our computer screens, head down on our telephones. Even our children have bent positions at school and at home when they are learning and playing video games on the phone. And with all these practices we develop bad posture that will have negative consequences on our physical health in the short and long term.

The Harmful Effects of Bad Posture

Why have good posture?

According to recent medical studies, poor posture creates immense stress on the spinal column in more than 70% of the world’s population. The more the spinal column is exposed to pain, the more the brain and nervous system are affected. Then physical stress turns into mental stress, so the person concerned is often in a bad mood. Due to the curved position of the body, the organs are clamped together and one is exposed to disturbed digestion. Bad posture greatly affects the mood and attitude of each individual. Therefore it can also have an impact on how others perceive us.

Intelligent Posture Corrector, XEDFEMS

Why is xedfems the best posture corrector?

New and Intelligent

Comfortable and lightweight

xedfems is lightweight and can be worn under your shirt and used anywhere.

High quality and durable

After a one to two hour recharge via usb cable, xedfems can be used for almost 15 days and requires no technical maintenance.

Our Happy Clients!

It's been a while since I've been using this posture corrector and frankly speaking, I don't regret buying it, I ordered 3 at the same time for my husband and my boy too.
Diana Burnwood
I really tried a lot of other posture correctors but I really like the one from xedfems, because it's light, it doesn't help me too much I can adapt it to my size and I also bought it for my children.
Jessica Foxx​
What I love about xedfems is that not only can I correct my posture but also, it allowed me to do an easy rehabilitation, today I don't wear it often but I have a good posture.
Lily Granger​

About us XEDFEMS

After many research by our team of health experts on why the majority of the world’s population suffers from back problems and how to solve this recurring problem, we have developed xedfems, which not only corrects posture, but also prevents it and allows you to take good posture for good.

You will find similar products to xedfems elsewhere but rest assured we are the innovators and we have the high quality.

We take to heart the well being of everyone, and we are aware of the harmful consequences that bad posture can have on people’s physical and mental health. This is why we are committed to improving people’s daily lives.

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