Mini Electric Body Massager, XEDMAS


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Relieve your body aches and pains with a massage anytime and anywhere or take pills that could harm your health in the long run.
Stop stress, fatigue, bad mood with a massage or with medical pills.
A good moment of relaxation every evening after a long day of work or go to a massage salon twice a month.

Choose happiness and joy today

Imagine that you can be massaged at work, in the park, in the car, and even when you travel, imagine the happiness and joy of life that you will feel at each massage without paying a masseur… This is what we offer you by making xedmas, your light and invisible mini massager.
INVIGORATING VIBRATION : The massager’s vibrations allow to penetrate deep into sore muscles to stimulate blood circulation and promote healing. This portable massager has 6 modes and 10 adjustable intensity levels for any type of massage and any type of person.
PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE : You just need to stick it on the body part you want to massage, turn it on with your thumb and set the mode and intensity you want with the control. This massager is ideal for soothing tension in your shoulders, legs, back and all over your body.
COMPACT AND TRAVEL READY : You can take it anywhere with you and you can stow it in your purse! Take the mini massager to work or travel and use it to relieve sore muscles in your back, legs and shoulders while you’re on the go.
USB CHARGEABLE : The mini massager is powered by usb cable charge. This portable vibrating massager is ready to use right out of the box!
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